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Do Good: Eat Local

Mary Schmidt

Feb 12, 2016

delicous nm

“Why would anyone eat at Taco Bell? There are so many great Mexican food places here!” —a friend visiting Albuquerque for the first time. 

She was baffled by the presence of Taco Bells around town. A town in which you can get (New Mexico grown) green chile on/in pretty much anything, from sushi to gyros. And, yes, we’ve got many wonderful New Mexican choices, locally owned and affordable.  And, there’s a growing movement to source food grown locally. This can be a bit of a challenge, since

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Why I Don’t Download Your “Free” Report (or read your article or open your email).

Mary Schmidt

Feb 09, 2016

Ever wonder why you’re not getting the results your web or social media marketing “expert” promised?

1. Your “free” download is a poorly disguised lead generation/qualification method. To get the wonderful, insightful info, I have to enter a long list of information, including having to scroll way past Afghanistan to check off my country, United States. Then, after I’ve given all the lead generation information (including the required phone number)...then and only then, you tell me a

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Mindful Monday: The Value of Sandpaper

Mary Schmidt

Feb 08, 2016

sand dunes
“Suffering is the sandpaper of our life. It does its work of shaping us. Suffering is part of our training program for becoming wise.”
—Ram Dass

Even if you’re not into “all that woo-woo stuff” this should make sense. Very little in life comes easily. Murphy’s law pretty much rules in every endeavor. The trick is learning how to take the wrong and make the right choice, learn the right lessons.

And, people don’t just walk up to your door and shower you with money
...unless your last name is

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Do Good: Do First Things First.

Mary Schmidt

Feb 05, 2016

Homeless signHere in Albuquerque, some really don’t like going downtown because of the homeless problem. “Somebody should do something!” And, yes, we have the problem, as does pretty much every city in the United States. (It’s also not limited to downtown; we have street people in my neighborhood. Some spend the day at the library, reading The New Yorker and The New York Times.) However, those scary, mumbling, often malodorous people are people. (And, hey, I mumble to myself all the time.)

Last year,

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Is SEO Crap?

Mary Schmidt

Feb 04, 2016

cut the crapShort answer: In and of itself, yes. The other day, I heard yet another sad tale of a local company being charged thousands of dollars for SEO.  Unfortunately, they’re not getting results…and the contract they signed, obligating them to pay has nothing obligating the SEO firm to deliver results. So, they’re pretty much stuck. The snake oil salesman touted “guaranteed” results—but the company didn’t get it in writing. So, yes, lots of SEO is crap.

And look who agrees with me.

In our opinion,

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Avoidable Startup Failure: Emotional Pricing

Mary Schmidt

Feb 02, 2016

heart dollars

From Start-Up Failure Rates By Industry, by Kristin Pryor:

If all startups were successful, everyone would be an entrepreneur. Starting up involves risk, a lot of it. There’s a very real probability that your startup will fail. It might have nothing to do with how you ran it, it could be based on a number of factors that are out of your control. Although, it could also be because of the way you ran it. You often need more than good intentions for a solid business plan.

The number one cause

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Why Entrepreneurs (Everyone) Should Read Poetry

Mary Schmidt

Feb 01, 2016

PoetryIt’s another Mindful Monday.  And is my habit, I began the day with Coffee Zen Time. This typically involves sitting quietly, watching the sun come up over the mountains and reading some poetry. Granted, I’m a bit prejudiced since: A. I love to read—pretty much anything and everything, from classics to comics; B. Poetry has power. It opens my mind and soul to new perspectives and opportunities.

Even (especially?) bankers should read poetry. (Although I wouidn’t recommend submitting haiku on a

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