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What “Social Media” Won’t Do For You.

Mary Schmidt

Feb 11, 2009

Sigh. Mary rolling her eyesI keep getting pitches from “social media experts” who obviously haven’t even glanced at my web site, published columns,  interviews or info on Facebook. (Hello? Could “Marketing Troubleshooter” possibly be a clue that I do know something about - um - marketing?)

So - contrary to what some newly minted experts are pitching - Social Media (Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) WILL NOT:

Instantly increase your sales. Sorry, this takes time and work, both offline and online. 

Make a lousy marketing plan work. And, yes, you need a plan for the Social Media piece too. 

Magically create quality relationships. I love keeping up with people on Facebook, but knowing someone and really knowing someone are two different things. You didn’t get married 15 minutes into your first date did you?

Make your product better. Eventually, regardless of buzz and pitches, the thing has to come out of the box and work like the customer thinks it should.

Automatically fix your customer service problems. Somebody still needs to pick up the phone and act like they care.

Now, I’ve got to go delete some more emails from marketing experts guaranteeing results. 

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Thanks, Mary.  We will someday look back on these days as the “naive infancy” of social media.  Did you see this post by Michael Pinto?

Ali says:

one of those good posts i have read about social media, i should say i am with you regarding the points you posted , after all its true that social media is not some thing miracle which can increase sales just like that ..


leave it to you to call someone’s baby ugly.  You speak the necessary truth.

I’ve been amazed at the number of “social media experts” popping up.  I’ve seen a lot of talk and not a whole lot of results.

Ah well - these are interesting times.  The good news is there is HUGE potential for social media - but that doesn’t replace the need for a sound strategy.

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